Grant Pike



"The light the shines deep within the earth,
Is the light the shines deep within my heart,
We are all connected,
We are all divine,
We are all connected,
Souls they are entwined."
                                Gwennic Cath Lesidhe

Welcome to the website for Grant Pike.  

          Here you are welcome to see more about the ways that I work with and serve community through healing, ceremony and rites of passage including;
  • Handfastings, 
  • weddings, 
  • rituals to denote life changes, 
  • and counsel.  
The mission and values of my work encompass holism and a deep relationship with the natural world.  Through my understanding and experience as clergy and with many years of work with diversity, individual and community empowerment he brings to you a wish to have a luminous existence and improved sense of love to self and others.  

     "To enhance the connections of self and others to the natural world by deep love and appreciation for life."

     In working with individuals and groups to establish a loving and deep connection to self, others and the world I aim to re-establish the core and luminous bond we all share.  My mission stems from my views and experience in multiple faiths and ways to express humanity.  I seek to bring that understanding, wisdom and knowledge to others in the hopes of creating more bliss in this world.  

  • Interconnection with nature
  • Diversity of self, others and world
  • Diversity in expression of faith
  • Holism with all existence
  • Love of life and its cycles

May you have a blessed and full life with joy and bliss.