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About Grant:   


Grant Pike

  Serving community is an essential part of the human experience, imbued and embedded in all cultures world wide. It becomes the foundation on which we tap into our potentials as creative and inspiring beings.  We draw from one another the lessons and growth needed to not just survive, but instead to thrive.  In the modern and complex world of which we are apart so much of the understanding of the human condition is left to our minds alone, isolating us from our deeper understandings.  Simply put, as a species we are floating around in our heads disconnected from our hearts and to the earth below us.  

    It is my path to connect myself and others, and to serve community to guide individuals back to the connections with their hearts and with the earth.  Helping to bring about harmony with self, community and the land. In doing so, healing ourselves including those around us and the planet becomes tangible and closer at hand.  I am an ordained clergy assisting in rites of passage (births, pubertal rites, nuptials, life transitions, and in death passages). I speak with others in formal settings on social justice issues, human ecology, and gender harmony. I counsel in individual and small group settings and facilitate small and large groups in connecting back to themselves.

  Beltane-07064 (3)   My own path is that or earth-centered spirituality and by counseling and service to community through continuous and mindful approach to self and others.  What this constitutes is that I hold the land as sacred and the spirituality around it is the sacred connection I hold to the land.  Our ancestors and fore bearers held a more holistic relationship with earth and the natural world.  It is my aim and goal to help others to find their own relationship with the land as being sacred.  This is done through individual counsel, small and large group facilitation, and using empowerment models to help ground needed and positive changes in individuals lives.

     My understanding of the importance of these concepts comes from over 15 years working with children, youth, families and adults through individual/community empowerment and mentoring.  Work with agency and in academic and conference settings to discuss and facilitate learning with concepts such as gender, ecology, human rights and spiritual beliefs.  Currently finishing a MSW in clinical social work, I aim to weave my many passions in serving community to the therapeutic route.  


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 I have over 10 years experience working with small and large groups with rites of passage and in celebratory seasonal community gatherings.  I have served in the steering committee for several years with CUUPS (Coven of Unitarian Universalists 

Pagans) helping to work with the UU congregation for adult Religious Education and working under interfaith ministers.  I have been ordained as a wedding officiant for over ten years, I received 4 years clergy training, with apprenticeship in natural and integrative healing arts for individuals/groups with the Wisdom School of SOPHIA.  I now serve as co-arch druid for Tribe of the Oak, stemming from the White Oak order of druids with Ellen Evert Hopman. I am to bring this perspective to officiating weddings and giving counsel.