Grant Pike weaves together his love of the natural world and social justice into his work.

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Combining over 20 years of LGBTQ rights, advocacy, and community building with over 20 years of earth-centered spiritual practice he brings these wisdoms in his service. He works to bring individuals, couple, families, and groups into awe and harmony with the natural world.

Grant holds a Masters degree in Social Work from Simmons college with a Bachelor’s in Clinical Psychology from UMASS Amherst. He has completed a 5-year ordination training in the SOPHIA Wisdom Tradition & a co-arch Druid for Tribe of the Oak

A lifelong learner and lover of books, he continues to deepen and broaden his awareness of the many paths he is a part of.

untitled (19 of 23)           He has presented at academic conferences on LGBTQ rights, developed groups and run workshops on weaving harmony with nature into the mundane world. He has helped to train mental health clinicians on LGBTQ awareness for   the past  10 years.

With his combined life passions of nature-based spirituality and social justice hecurrently works as a social worker therapist in a community mental health agency  and helps to mentor students in the SOPHIA tradition and work with his Druid Grove to celebrate the seasons.

When not engaging in his work, he spends time in local woods and trails throughout the New England, USA area. He resides with his cat in Massachusetts.